Tuesday, December 10, 2019
BMW 4-Series Convertible Review

Germany’s smooth convertible is a great holiday car

I find myself in Dubai for a few days and I really wanted to enjoy the weather while I’m in motion. Whilst in Dubai I decided to rent a car and see what it’s actually like to have a convertible when the suns out.

The 4-Series isn’t the best looking convertible on the market but it isn’t the ugliest. BMW still haven’t perfected their new generation looks like Mercedes and Audi have. The front end of the car still resembles the face of a not so cute dog with spectacles on. The rest of the body looks great from every angle and when the roof is off it looks even better. Of course, I immediately realized that repeatedly removing the roof is not such a pleasant idea due to the heat from the scorching sun being able to hit you no matter what speed your doing. Even in the evening, it was too hot to drive with the roof down.

With a turbocharged 2-litre petrol engine and an automatic gearbox, it was quite easy to drive around town and on the motorways. This car is definitely a comfortable cruiser with some sporty elements. The engine is quite responsive, especially in the sport setting and works perfectly with the steering to give you a confident drive.

This particular model was well equipped, with GPS and a start-stop function. The 4 series is spacious and has excellent visibility.

If you live in a country as hot as this then I wouldn’t recommend buying one for its convertible feature but other than that it’s a great car to own.

So if you ever find yourself in 40-degree weather, don’t get a convertible because you’ll probably be driving with the roof down and the air con on full blast.


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