Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Ford Go Faster Event Review

Rolling Road Magazine took part in Fords Go Faster event as a stunt driver audition for a movie

It’s not so often you get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a brand new Ford Focus RS and a Mustang V8 so when Rolling Road heard that Ford were giving ordinary people the chance to learn some stunt driving we couldn’t resist.

Your role is to learn some stunt driving skills as you are a stunt driver auditioning for a movie called Go Faster. Your nickname is wheels and your going to be doing all the dangerous stunt driving for the movie. You start the day with a quick brief and a tour of the ‘set’ where you meet your co stars and directors. Then a quick demonstration from your stunt instructors so you can get an idea of what your in for.

The stunts were; a j-turn, power sliding, handbrake turns and a time trial called the shake down. All equally as challenging as each other and all stunts where supervised by an instructor with the courses laid out with cones.

As you step in the cars you begin to feel a bit nervous simply because you don’t want to be the one to wreck a Mustang but you quickly overcome that as your instructor keeps you calm and motivated. The Shakedown is a small course where you have to go in and out of cones, do a 360 degree turn and then go through the cones again before you do a donut and then in to the finish. The drifting was the most exciting challenge as you have to attempt to keep the car in a continuous drift around a cone. The instructor gives you the simple steps to keep the car drifting but they don’t sound as so simple when your in the drivers seat. As you attempt the make the slide your brain suddenly begins to overload with all the corrections you have to make as the wheels are spinning and that loud exhaust is popping and banging in your ears.

Hand brake turns feel sort of natural as you’ve attempted so many in your local supermarket and wasn’t quite as exciting as the drifting. Finally it was time for the j-turn, a quick and thrilling manoeuvre executed precisely. As you reverse to about 25mph you viciously turn the steering wheel with your right hand from 9  to 3 o’clock while the clutch is down and the car does the rest for you, when your facing the right way, 1st gear and your off. Great stuff.

Once all the driving is done you then have to go get changed to start filming your face shots for the movie. The final scene is the action driving scene all your skills are put together in front of the cameras.

The event was aimed for owners but as a non Ford owner this event was definitely a great demonstration of the quality of the cars and their performance. Ford has made two great cars but the Focus RS is a truly magnificent example of not only what a hot hatch should be like but a true performance car also, it really does put a smile on your face.

Unfortunately by the time your reading this the tickets will be sold out but Ford are doing the event in Paris and Madrid early next month so if you really want to go that badly or you live in one of this cities then theres still a chance.

Below are some videos from the event and the final trailer.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13v6U7U1LcY[/embedyt]

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