Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Unveiled at the Quail

Lamborghini’s flagship model gets a more aggressive body and more power.

The SVJ badge is usually given to the most thorough and extreme cars in Lamborghini ‘s stable. SVJ stands for Superveloce Jota which means super fast and the Jota means J which is carried from the Muira which got the letter J from a form that was filled in when Lamborghini attempted to turn it from a road car to a race car.

So what to expect? Well of course theres more power, less weight and a newer, more aerodynamic body. This new model has 770hp and 720nm of torque. It’s got 50 percent stiffer dampers and anti-roll balls compared to the SV. It also comes with rear-wheel steering to deal with the more downforce focused body. 0-60 comes in 2.8 seconds and the top speed is over 217mph.

Lamborghini keeps pushing the super sports car bar higher every time they bring a new model out. This one has even broken the  Nurburgring Nordschleife in 6:44.97s, beating the new Porsche 911 GT2 by two seconds to become the fastest production car ever to lap the circuit.

It still has the same naturally aspirated 6.5 litre seven-speed, single clutch ISR gearbox. The new aerodynamic optimisation contributes to 70 percent more downforce improvement over the SV.

The SVJ looks even better than the standard SV with a new rear wing and more air ducts, a new front end and its Veneno inspired  rear.

Also unveiled at the Quail was a special limited production version of the SVJ called SVJ63 to celebrate the founding year of Lamborghini in 1963

The price for all of this performance is £291,667.00 and the first customer will take delivery in early 2019.


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