Tuesday, December 10, 2019
New BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

German car manufactures are really going for who has the biggest car fleet and BMW are top 2 in the competition. As they get closer to having more car models than you can count on your on your fingers its only logical to start making variants of cars that already exist.

Successor to the 5 Series Gran Turismo this newer, sleeker, more aerodynamic version is bound to be better in every aspect.

The interior is a of course more modern, more sophisticated and smarter with the new BMW gesture control seen on the 7 Series, it has a 10.25 inch touch screen, wireless charging and a Wifi hotspot for up to ten devices. The heads up display has a 70 percent larger projection area than its predecessor. It also comes with wireless charging for your phone.

Driving this car won’t be difficult because nowadays what high end BMW doesn’t come with driving aids. There are some many aids with this car that it’s hard to see why you need to be in it at all, I guess that’s all you have to do really, just be in it and let it do the rest. Equipped with a Personal CoPilot the Gran Turismo lets you know when your about to depart from your lane, when you’ve left your and it has a side collision warning, it even steers you back in to your lane. There are so many warnings and assists it’s unbelievable, it even has a warning to let you know that your going the wrong way. To put the icing on the cake this car comes with Remote Control Parking using the BMW Display Key.

BMW say that this car is more spacious than its predecessor even though it has a lower roof line. The car has been extended by 87 millimetres but the width has stayed the same. The coupe style roof line meets the lowered rear end that has been lowered by 64 millimetres. This car also has more boot space than the previous car, up to 1800 litres, 100 litres more than the 5 Series Gran Turismo. With more space and a more dynamic body, BMW still managed to reduce the weight by 150 Kg.

With significantly improved aerodynamics and automatic self levelling rear suspension there is no doubt that this car will be a better car to drive than the previous one but, this isn’t a drivers car, it’s a car for the parents and dog owners so what’s the point in making it so dynamic?

BMW will launch the 6 Series Gran Turismo at the IAA 2017 show in Frankfurt in November 2017.


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