Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Paris Motor Show 2018 Highlights

Heres a more in-depth review of all the action from the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

Like all motor shows, the Paris motor show was mostly about unveiling newer versions of already in production cars. With the unveiling of the new BMW 3 and 5 Series, this year really looked to be a standard showcase of new shiny metal but that’s not all that was on the show. A few established manufacturers like Renault and Hyundai showed us how much they believe our future cars will be electric.

Paris motor show 2018


Audi released their new all-electric SUV called e-tron. Your probably thinking, how many cars are they going to name e-tron. Well this is the first production model with the official e-tron title. Its Audi’s attempt to challenge Jaguar’s I-pace and Tesla’s Model X. Starting at around  £70,000 it sits in between the Q5 and Q7.
The e-tron is 4-wheel drive with an electric motor on each axle contributing to a total of 356 bhp or 265.469 kW.

Audi also displayed their new top of the range SUV Q8. The Q8 has a 4 door coup-like roof line and a more sporty stance than the Q7. Audi has launched the Q8 to compete with the likes of Range Rover and BMW X6.

There were also other interesting cars on the Audi stand like the futuristic PB18 e-tron and the new A7


The clearest picture of how the future will look for cars was painted on the Renault stand. With concepts like the EZ-GO and EZ-Ultimo, there’s no doubt that they had the best looking concepts. These two concepts show what Renault cars will look like in the future. Both are autonomous vehicles designed to carry multiple passengers.
One thing that’s too unrealistic is the ground clearance on these cars.


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