Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Lamborghini presents the new design concept “Lamborghini of the Terzo Millennio”

With everything being electrified and robotised, car manufactures have no choice but to embrace this change with open arms. Lamborghini, although conforming to the new ways, insist upon going about the changes via a different avenue to its rivals in the automotive industry.

The Terzio Millennio (third millennium) represents Lamborghini’s take on the new generation of super sports cars.  Lamborghini has teamed up with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to design this car and develop the design, body, propulsion system and energy storage system.

This concept won’t just stay in its concept form, Lamborghini will work on this car and develop it as a future road going car. Each wheel have an electric motor so although it’ll be electric, it’ll still carry on the Lamborghini tradition.

So it’s going to be electric? Yes but it’s not like your traditional Prius. Lamborghini want to use super capacitors instead of batteries as a form of discharging and storing energy.

Aerodynamics play an enormous part in the external styling. The body also has to be practical in a sense where  the body shell will also act as an accumulator for energy storage and enable the complete body of the car to be used as a storage system.

If that isn’t innovative enough for you then heres another feature that your car hasn’t got. Self heeling, thats right; Lamborghini plan to make this car detect cracks and damages and heal itself through ‘micro-channels filled with healing chemistries’.

To top it off, this car will of course have autonomous features on the road and on a track. Its Piloted Driving simulation allows the driver to be taken around a track such as Imola by a virtual expert before the driver takes over to experience the car and circuit while following the virtual ghost car. Just like Gran Turismo.



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